About us

Biocare is established in 1992 with the aim of developing a unique and advanced microbiology centre with all modern facilities. Biocare is an organization that is committed to bring you excellence in the field of diagnostic and industrial microbiology. We offer a wide range of quality assured clinical laboratory tests as well as industrial testing. We also conduct research using ultra modern technologies meeting international standards.

Biocare aims at popularizing the use of microbiology for better diagnosis, patient’s management, industrial product testing, raw material testing etc. All there we aim to improve quality of living from viewpoint of microbiology. Better food, clean and germ free water, pathogen free food products is our ultimate goal to improve common man’s life through science of microbiology.

We would be achieving these through increasing awareness to utilize these subject from bottom level by lowering basic costs through research and development.

The organization takes pride in sharing knowledge and expertise through training programs, workshops, seminars and group discussions. In keeping with this philosophy we provide consultancy and management services to existing clinical and industrial laboratories for introducing new technologies and ensuring quality testing.

We offer our services for contract research, clinical trials, industrial R & D on a turnkey basis.

We provide pick up courier service at your facility but We are always glad to meet clients who deliver samples, after all it is nice to be able to see smile on a face.