Air Testing

Respiratory health of a community is dependent on the quality of air that you breath. The contaminants in the air may be chemical or microbiological.

Air microbiology is a scientific discipline that concerns the microorganisms, including bacteria, archaea, fungi and viruses in the atmospheric air. It is a subdiscipline of environmental microbiology
Ref: Nature

Poor hospital indoor air quality (IAQ) may lead to hospital-acquired infections, sick hospital syndrome and various occupational hazards.

We help you quantify number of microbes and their types floating around you. With high suction of air into sampler the microbes stick to the membrane in side the instrument and we grow them to identify the nature of microbe.

We offer services for various atmospheric conditions as follows:

  • Hospital indoor quality
  • OT atmosphere & AC vents
  • Hotel rooms & AC vents
  • Office premises
  • Air handling unit quality
  • Air purifier quality analysis

Our experts can help you increase the efficiency of working place by improving health of air in the area & premises.

Let us breath better.

Air Testing Services in India