Medical Textile Testing

Biocare has aquired accreditation for synthetic blood penetration resistance testing for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) coverall for medical textile testing.

All of us are embracing a new era after the COVID-19 pandemic. A new dimension of regulation and testing requirement has been enforced with safety products.

Biocare, too, have chosen to take an initiative to serve the nation in this crisis. Currently, we are one of the very few laboratories conducting testing for PPEs. Be it coverall, medical textile fabric, or masks, we will help you achieve quality requirements for manufactoring.

Need for quality testing

Medical textiles used in hospitals need to pass stringent test requirements for COVID wards. Each coverall made will save one life and thus help flatten the curve.

Biocare respects the efforts made by manufacturers who have developed facilities in this critical time. Let us work together to achieve the best quality.

We are ISO 16603 and ASTM 1670 accredited, based in Gujarat, and proud to be part of atmanirbhar Bharat.

Medical Textile Testing Services in India